The Casino Direct Marketing Association's Guidelines for Ethical Business Policy and Practice are intended to provide individuals and organizations involved in casino direct marketing with generally accepted principles of conduct.  These guidelines reflect Casino DMA's policy of high levels of ethics and the responsibility of the Casino DMA, its members, and all casino marketers to maintain consumer and community relationships that are based on fair and ethical principles.

In addition to providing general guidance to the industry, the Guidelines for Ethical Business Policy and Practice are used by Casino DMA's Committee on Ethical Business Policy and Practice, an industry peer review committee, as the standard of principles to which casino direct marketing promotions that are the subject of complaint to Casino DMA are compared.  These self-regulatory guidelines are intended to be honored in light of their aims and principles.  All casino marketers should support the guidelines in spirit and not treat their provisions as obstacles to be circumvented by legal ingenuity.

These guidelines also represent Casino DMA's general philosophy that self-regulatory measures are preferable to governmental mandates. Self-regulatory actions are more readily adaptable to changing techniques and economic and social conditions. They encourage widespread use of sound business policies and practices.

Because dishonest, misleading or offensive marketing communications discredit all means of advertising and marketing, including casino direct marketing, observance of these guidelines by all Casino DMA members and their vendors is expected.  All persons involved in casino direct marketing should take reasonable steps to encourage other industry members to follow these guidelines as well.