Gamified Mobile and Social Promotions Generating Instant Results

SCA Gaming Mobile

SCA Gaming’s mobile solutions provide a scalable, seamless player engagement platform designed to plug into your existing marketing campaigns. Ramp up your recruitment and retention programs by incentivizing players to respond to engagement goals you desire such as:

  • Joining the player’s club
  • Drive visitation to the property on targeted dates
  • Increase play in specific gaming areas
  • Create lift in your ROI
  • Promote player engagement in casino offers or your social sites
  • Collect valuable customer data
  • Downloading your Casino’s app

Participants enjoy fun-to-play, digital online games and are awarded prizes based on their chosen preferences.  We offer a customized registration page designed to collect valuable player information.

SCA Mobile games gives you the ability to reach and reward players with life-changing prizes instantly either as a stand-alone promotion or in conjunction with a casino offer. With SCA’s mobile solution, you get:

  • Over 60 games available with a chance to win large prizes.
  • Works on any internet-capable device and social media platform.
  • Launch a single campaign over mobile, social, and web.
  • Go live in minutes.
  • Reward your players where they are, on or off property, instantly!
  • No technical integration required.  Simply click, deploy, and relax.