Jamie Hummingbird


Cherokee Nation Gaming Commission

[email protected]


Mr. Hummingbird has served as the Gaming Commission Director for the Cherokee Nation since 1998. Mr. Hummingbird is responsible for regulating the nine (9) gaming facilities owned and operated by the Cherokee Nation, including licensing of over 3,600 employees. Mr. Hummingbird oversees the daily operations of and the forty-nine (49) personnel employed by the Gaming Commission. Mr. Hummingbird began working for the Cherokee Nation in 1992 and graduated from Northeastern State University in 1993 with a degree in Finance. Prior to assuming his current position, Mr. Hummingbird served the Cherokee Nation as Economic Development Specialist, Self-Governance Analyst, and Special Assistant to the Chief of Staff. During his tenure with the Gaming Commission, Mr. Hummingbird has served on two (2) National Indian Gaming Commission advisory committees: the first on a committee to revise the Minimum Internal Control Standards in 2001 where he served as tribal co-chair, and the second as a member of the classification and technical standards committee. 

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