Reinvesting the Right Amount at the Right Time

Reinvesting the Right Amount at the Right Time

By Lynette O’Connell

In the field of Casino Marketing, database marketing is king. At the start of each new month in gaming, database marketers begin their marketing cycle. First, they pull customer data for their core mailers and spend days segmenting players and adding test and control measures to validate that they’re targeting the right audiences. Next, they prepare the files for their mail house and manually load the player management system with offers to be marketed to customers based on their current lifecycle. Finally, campaigns are executed, and soon the database marketers are analyzing their results and starting the cycle over again the following month.

Casino database marketers know their customer lifecycles well and typically have highly defined lifecycle programs with segments based on a customer’s average play during the last 3-6 months. However, using this approach tends to average out the player’s most current behavior. So, while lifecycle marketing is a good plan in general, it doesn’t reward players for their most recent activity.

Some marketing teams recognize this and add supplemental mailers to capture player activity from the prior month. This corrective action can help to prompt visits from Incliners, Decliners, Lucky, Unlucky and High-Frequency customers who have not visited the property in the last 30 days.

Yet the question remains: how do database marketers reward customers who just played 2-3 times their average in the current visit when their play level is too low to warrant hosting them? These are the players who are missed by the monthly mailer cycle, and who are most likely to not be rewarded for another month or two for that play. The most advanced marketing departments are trying to tackle this challenge by asking themselves how to reach these customers to reward them in real time.

Real-time reinvestment is a strategy that requires good analytics, on-demand access to reliable player data, and the ability to issue rewards and offers in real-time

While many vendors claim real-time casino marketing capabilities, many fall short when it comes to delivering the data and tools required to enable it.

There are some good products that help casinos benefit from real-time data, automatic alerts based on player activity, and the ability to identify which players are most likely to redeem the offers a casino host or marketer extends. In addition to basic alerts to announce a player’s arrival on the property, there is technology that can easily identify customers who are playing outside of their normal patterns.

Notifications about the player's atypical activity and which game they're currently playing can be sent directly to hosts on their mobile devices to ensure responsive customer service. These systems can also be set up to let customers view their current offers while on premises and have new offers triggered based on their unusual play behavior. In practice, a customer with a higher than usual rate of play could have an offer added to their account, while a player on a losing streak could get an offer that would seem "lucky" to keep the gaming experience positive. The key to ensuring success in real-time marketing is delivering the right offer the customer wants to see at the right time.

Real-time marketing in a casino setting doesn’t mean triggering an offer each time a player takes an action. Bombarding a customer with too many offers can have the opposite effect: indifference

Knowing what a player is doing at any given time is certainly useful information but knowing the right actions to take based on that knowledge is where things can get tricky.

This is where operational intelligence becomes useful to support your decision to make an offer. To make the right decisions in real-time to deliver marketing offers that make sense and are likely to be redeemed, operators require deep data on players that span multiple systems, historical behavior patterns to reference, and proven, advanced math models to help predict outcomes of campaigns.

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