Stowe Shoemaker

UNLV Gaming & Hospitality Education Series Non-Gaming Revenue: The ROI Details

Increased gaming competition means casinos must do more to differentiate themselves from casinos nearby. The answer is to develop non-gaming attractions that add revenue to the bottom line and excitement to the gaming experience. But what makes the most sense? It often depends on the casino’s location, the regional preferences, the offerings of the competitors and more. At this session, learn what non-gaming amenities work best, what is the initial cost and how long the return on investment will kick in. And find out how to interpret and use data to get the best ROI out of your hotel rooms and non-gaming amenities.

Bob Boughner

UNLV Gaming & Hospitality Education Series Cash Registers Ring: The Diverse Elements of Non-Gaming Attractions

The days of using the hotel, food-and-beverage and spas as loss leaders are gone. With gaming revenue flat, the requirement for every casino executive is to find other sources of revenue. At this session, a respected gaming and hospitality executive will break down the various elements of non-gaming, discuss revenue possibilities and explain how those attractions can contribute to the bottom line. He’ll discuss efficiencies and multi-use spaces; entertainment options; MICE activity, food-and-beverage opportunities and much more.