IoT (Internet of Things) concept.

How IoT Data Can Improve Digital Marketing Outcomes

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IoT devices will help marketers deliver more specific and personalized content to users in heterogeneous contexts. You should supplement your sales team with a marketing strategy that’s backed by IoT devices. By Guest Writer – December 20, 2018 From Data science is one of the top trends in digital marketing that all marketers and advertisers will […]


5 Ways IoT is Changing Digital Marketing

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From MarTech Advisor IoT connects numerous kinds of devices in our daily lives and the amount of data generated by these devices will only surge. The marketers can leverage this data to create impactful insights, identify patterns to capture customer interactions, and predict customer behavior and lifestyle. This further helps to envision customer preferences and link […]

The Marketer’s Guide To Blockchain

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Originally posted on by James Hercher // Thursday, July 6th, 2017 – 10:29 am Blockchain, an unmodifiable and unbreachable digital ledger, was conceived 10 years ago to support the cryptocurrency bitcoin. But it has since seeped into new categories, jumping from finance to health care and, more recently, digital advertising. It’s doing so with the backing of […]

The Case for Casinos to Sell Advertising Part 2

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by Matthew Olden, President, Context Networks, Inc. In today’s extremely competitive landscape, casinos are under pressure for new revenues, to grow the bottom line, and to sustain that growth. In Part 1 of this series, I examined how digital advertising has become one of the fastest growing and most lucrative industries in the world today […]

Native Advertising

The Case for Casinos to Sell Advertising

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New market provider sees 100s millions in revenue potential by Matthew Olden, President, Context Networks, Inc. Digital advertising has become one of the fastest growing and most lucrative industries in the world today.  Revenue from advertising is absolutely incredible.  In 2017, an estimated $223.74 billion was spent worldwide on digital advertising according to  The […]

SCA Gaming Mobile

Gamified Mobile and Social Promotions Generating Instant Results

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SCA Gaming’s mobile solutions provide a scalable, seamless player engagement platform designed to plug into your existing marketing campaigns. Ramp up your recruitment and retention programs by incentivizing players to respond to engagement goals you desire such as: Joining the player’s club Drive visitation to the property on targeted dates Increase play in specific gaming areas […]


The adtech exodus is about user experience, not GDPR

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by Raman Sidhu Raman Sidhu is vice president of Beemray. originally posted at CityA.M. Since GDPR came into force, the advertising technology industry appears to have gone unusually quiet. While some believe that the regulation is a good thing, and that a clean house leads to efficiency down the line, others have looked GDPR dead in […]